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ATAC resources

Work in progress

Chemogenetics links:

http://chemogenetic.blogspot.com/ (a very useful resource for technical information on chemogenetics)

https://www.hellobio.com/ (one of the commercial sources of chemogenetic ligands, website also contains relevant technical information on solubility and stability of the compounds)

https://neuromethods.slack.com/messages (slack for neuroscience methods, which includes a dedicated channel for DREADDs)

FUS-BBBO links:

https://www.fusfoundation.org/ (Information on applications of focused ultrasound, funding opportunities...).

http://www.imageguidedtherapy.com/ (Manufacturer of the ultrasound equipment used in the development of ATAC)

http://www.fusinstruments.com/ (Manufacturer of ultrasound equipment for focused-ultrasound BBB opening)

Printable 3D models for FUS-BBBO, see Downloads